Type of Sticker


A common sticker material in the market. Cost effective with gloss surface. They are cast coated paper & mirror-like gloss on the surface. For high-gloss printing. Foods, consumer goods, etc.


Simili or woodfree paper sticker labels are the cost-effective options to select for your sticker labels. Simili paper is a rough matte white base paper sticker. It is a good selection if your do not want to have any shiny effect and it's easy for writing


Kraft paper is a rough matte brown base paper sticker. It is a good selection if your want eco feeling and it's easy for writing

Silver & Gold Foil

Foil paper is a glossy foil base synthetic sticker. It is a good selection if your want to have shinning effect and water resistance


Transparent is synthetic sticker. It is a good selection if your want to remain the based color of your product

PVC Matte & Gloss

These are synthetic sticker.Not easy to break, water, oil resistance, easy to remove from surface. It is good for example, toiletries, cosmetics, electrical tag


Smooth surface with proprietary rainbow color holographic background.
Holographic refraction enhance the visual appearance of finished products.
Widely used for promotion labeling.

roll form label

Roll labels are carried on a continuous backing sheet that is wound around a central core.
Mainly use by machine labeling

white ink

White underprinting is a technique in which white ink is applied underneath some or all areas of your label design and text, creating opacity in key areas. This opacity makes your design vibrant, clear, and easy to read

Decorative sticker

Apply sticker on any surface you want! Wall, Ceiling, Mirror, Walk Way, almost anything
Photo shown: Mirror Sticker in toilet

Window sticker

Custom Window Decals. Maximize your most visible space with operation hours, promotions, service provided ans etc.

floor sticker

Printed floor stickers are a great way to guide and inform pedestrians in retail, corporate public sector environments.


Matte Lamination

An elegant smooth texture film that laminated on the paper. This type of lamination is thin yet able to protect the color & with minor water resistance.

Gloss Lamination

A glossy lamination on the paper, which will enhance the color & also protect the color with minor water resistance.

Die cut

Customize shape for your printing to make it outstanding. Getting bored with rectangular shape? Try Oval, Round, Square, Triangle shape and etc on your design today!

Foil Stamping

Widely use for premium touch on top of your design. Comes with wide selection of colour to choose from: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Copper, Rose Gold. We assure it can bring up your brand to another level.

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