Type of Material


Woodfree uncoated papers are of high quality and have a natural look and feel. They provide a non-glare surface suitable for reading and writing. Available in 80, 120, 140gsm.

Art Paper

Coated paper is known as art paper and art card (for thicker paper weight). We have different thickness to choose from: 105, 128, 157gsm

Texture paper

Make an impression with a unique texture and feel. We have wide range of texture paper to enhance your design.

Type of Voucher

Food Voucher


Cash Voucher

Binding method

Top binding

Staple binding on top. Comes with tear lines.

Side Binding

Staple binding on left side. Comes with tear lines. ‚Äč

Top padding

Top glue binding without staple.


Variable Data

Need to have custom variable data such as Name, item , Serial number, date and etc?
We can help

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